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Help! My Child is Atypical by Christien Neser – a practical guide for parents with 30 gripping case studies of determination and hope

In Help! My Child is Atypical by Christien Neser, a team of experts answer questions that parents struggle with daily about rising a healthy, happy child.

Nude 2: A Banting and Keto Cookbook by Armand Aucamp is out now – with a summery twist!

Follow Armand Aucamp as he brings to the table 50 more fresh, light, budget-friendly and perfectly balanced low-carb and keto dishes in his latest cookbook, Nude 2.

Try this delicious low-carb recipe for homemade Granadilla Ice Cream from Home Food with Zero Guilt! by Trish van der Nest

Summer is almost here, and that can only mean one thing – ice cream! For delicious homemade ice cream with none of the guilt, try Trish van der Nest’s Granadilla Ice Cream recipe from her new cookbook, Home Food with Zero Guilt!

[Video] ‘Fresh, new, quirky and acerbic’ – Izak de Vries discusses Max Annas’s novel The Farm

In this video, Catalyst Press South Africa office manager, SarahBelle Selig, chats with Izak de Vries of LAPA Publishers about distributing Catalyst books in South Africa, and the release of The Farm by Max Annas.

Now available in English! The Krugersdorp Cult Killings: Inside Cecilia Steyn’s Reign of Terror by award-winning journalist Jana Marx

LAPA Publishers is excited to announce that Afspraak met moord by Jana Marx is now available in English as The Krugersdorp Cult Killings: Inside Cecilia Steyn’s Reign of Terror.

New recipe book alert! The Best of Clover World, the 21st book in Clover’s recipe series, is now available

The Best of Clover World is the 21st book in Clover’s recipe series and brings you Clover’s tastiest recipes to date. Now available at LAPA Publishers.

Job alert! LAPA Publishers is looking for two innovative marketers to join its dynamic team (Closing date: 31 Aug)

LAPA Publishers, a division of Penguin Random House SA, has a career opportunity for a marketer in its trade and non-trade departments.

Nelly and Sam by Claudette Browne Storrar – a story of friendship and love between a boy and his creative and inspiring nanny

Now available from LAPA: Nelly and Sam by Claudette Browne Storrar and Christo Krüger, a story of innocence, love and care that connects us across backgrounds.

[Watch] ‘I was fascinated by the issue of farm murders’ – Max Annas talks about his explosive new novel, The Farm

Izak de Vries and Boekemakranka recently hosted a virtual book launch for Max Annas’ new novel, The Farm. Watch the full book launch here.

[Video] Caroline Kurtz wins Presbyterian Writers Guild’s Best First Book Award for A Road Called Down on Both Sides

Huge congratulations to Caroline Kurtz! Her memoir A Road Called Down on Both Sides: Growing up in Ethiopia and America was recently awarded the Best First Book Award by the Presbyterian Writers Guild.

In trying to deal with the end of an abusive 45-year marriage, Grietjie turns to crochet: Read an extract from Crochet and Conquer

Read an extract from Crochet and Conquer by Nadia de Kock and Hilda Steyn, where a woman shares her story of abuse and survival through the power of crochet.

Tales from the Marula Tree – an omnibus with 15 highly original and entertaining animal stories

Tales from the Marula Tree by Leon de Villiers, illustrated by Linki Lutz, is out now from Lapa Publishers!

Video: Anneleigh Jacobsen’s thriller Corporation Games explores the greed, sex and power imbalance of the corporate world

Watch the video: The Boekemakranka team Trisa and Analize recently chatted to Anneleigh Jacobsen about her fictional corporate thriller, Corporation Games.

Read an excerpt from Peter Church’s thriller Crackerjack, part of LAPA’s Quarantine Reading List of ebooks

Lapa Publishers has shared an excerpt from Crackerjack, book one of Peter Church’s Dark Web Trilogy.

Wat is die LAPA Uitgewers eReader App en hoe gaan dit jou lewe vergemaklik tydens die nasionale inperking?

LAPA Uitgewers het hul eie e-boekleser ontwikkel, die LAPA Uitgewers eReader App, sodat lesers altyd hul boeke in die hande kan kry. Hier’s hoe dit werk:

Wonder wat jy gaan doen vir die volgende 21 dae? Jou gunsteling LAPA titels is nou as e-boeke beskikbaar

Die nasionale inperking het aangebreek, en jy weet nie hoe jy deur 21 dae gaan kom nie … Ons het die antwoord! Jou gunsteling titels is nou as e-boeke beskikbaar.

South African publishers cancel all forthcoming book launch events

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, South African publishers have decided to postpone or cancel all upcoming book launch events until further …