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Tales from the Marula Tree – an omnibus with 15 highly original and entertaining animal stories

Tales from the Marula Tree by Leon de Villiers, illustrated by Linki Lutz, is out now from Lapa Publishers!

Video: Anneleigh Jacobsen’s thriller Corporation Games explores the greed, sex and power imbalance of the corporate world

Watch the video: The Boekemakranka team Trisa and Analize recently chatted to Anneleigh Jacobsen about her fictional corporate thriller, Corporation Games.

Read an excerpt from Peter Church’s thriller Crackerjack, part of LAPA’s Quarantine Reading List of ebooks

Lapa Publishers has shared an excerpt from Crackerjack, book one of Peter Church’s Dark Web Trilogy.

Wat is die LAPA Uitgewers eReader App en hoe gaan dit jou lewe vergemaklik tydens die nasionale inperking?

LAPA Uitgewers het hul eie e-boekleser ontwikkel, die LAPA Uitgewers eReader App, sodat lesers altyd hul boeke in die hande kan kry. Hier’s hoe dit werk:

Wonder wat jy gaan doen vir die volgende 21 dae? Jou gunsteling LAPA titels is nou as e-boeke beskikbaar

Die nasionale inperking het aangebreek, en jy weet nie hoe jy deur 21 dae gaan kom nie … Ons het die antwoord! Jou gunsteling titels is nou as e-boeke beskikbaar.

South African publishers cancel all forthcoming book launch events

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, South African publishers have decided to postpone or cancel all upcoming book launch events until further …

House of Horrors, the shocking story of how the Springs Monster tortured and abused his family, is now available in English

House of horrors, the English translation of Susan Cilliers’s bestselling Afrikaans exposé Huis van gruwels: My 16 jaar in die Springs hel, is now available.

Wie is Cecilia Steyn en hoe kan een mens vyf ander manipuleer om moord te pleeg? Vind uit in Afspraak met moord deur Jana Marx

Nuut by LAPA: Jana Marx skryf oor een van die opspraakwekkendste moordsake in die land se geskiedenis in Afspraak met moord.

Tokoloshes, whiskey and pilchards – read an interview with Anneleigh Jacobsen about her debut thriller Corporation Games

Anneleigh Jacobsen recently chatted to fellow author Pamela Power about her debut fictional corporate thriller, Corporation Games.

Penguin Random House South Africa acquires LAPA Publishers

Penguin Random House South Africa, a division of Penguin Random House and the largest English language publisher in South Africa, has announced its purchase of LAPA Publishers, the country’s largest Afrikaans-language publisher, from the ATKV.

Find out more about The Lion’s Binding Oath and Other Stories by Somali author Ahmed Ismail Yusuf

The Lion’s Binding Oath and Other Stories by Somali author Ahmed Ismail Yusuf is available now from LAPA Publishers.

‘Your birth mother didn’t want you.’ Read an excerpt from Sacrificed, Chanette Paul’s US debut

Catalyst Press has shared an excerpt from Chanette Paul’s novel Sacrificed.

[Watch] Anneleigh Jacobsen explains how her new thriller Corporation Games came about

Corporation Games by Anneleigh Jacobsen is a fictional corporate thriller based on a number of real-life financial scandals that have rocked South Africa.

‘In the end, you’re a victim of your own comfort zone’ – Chanette Paul chats about her US debut, Sacrificed

Catalyst Press chats to South African author Chanette Paul about her US debut, Sacrificed.

‘Afrikaans-speaking doctor operates on Mandela’ – Read an excerpt from Operation Mandela by Willem Laubscher

Read an excerpt from Operation Mandela by Willem Laubscher – the Afrikaans-speaking doctor who performed surgery on Nelson Mandela.

Caroline Kurtz explores what it was like to grow up between cultures in her memoir, A Road Called Down on Both Sides

In her memoir, A Road Called Down on Both Sides: Growing Up in Ethiopia and America, Caroline Kurtz writes about what it was like to grow up between the two countries.

Operation Mandela by Willem Laubscher: The true story behind the chaos when an Afrikaans doctor operated on Nelson Mandela

What happened in the late 1980s when a white, Afrikaans doctor performed surgery on Nelson Mandela? Willem Laubscher tells all in Operation Mandela.

Cecilia Britz, the doyenne of recreational fiction, dies

It is with great sadness that LAPA’s personnel learned of the death of Cecilia Britz. She passed away on 12 December 2019.