New recipe book alert! The Best of Clover World, the 21st book in Clover’s recipe series, is now available
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The Best of Clover World is the 21st book in Clover’s recipe series and a collection of Clover’s best recipes to date. All the recipes were produced using Clover products. This means it is easy to create awesome meals.

For more than a century, Clover has held a special place in South African consumers’ hearts with its world-class dairy products like milk, cheese and butter.

Today, this well-loved brand offers so much more: from juice and mayonnaise to olives, margarine and soy milk. So, when we talk about Clover World, we refer to all of Clover’s brands – old and new – under one umbrella. It is the promise of way better quality.

The Best of Clover World brings you Clover’s tastiest recipes to date featuring superior Clover products that are available at all leading stores. Easy to follow, these recipes are brought to life by beautiful full-colour photos that will want to bring out the best cook in you.

LAPA Publishers won’t be surprised if The Best of Clover World ends up being one of your absolute favourite recipe books!


LAPA en Clover stap al ‘n baie lang pad saam. Hierdie is die 21ste resepteboek wat Clover uitgee en dit verteenwoordig ‘n keur uit hulle wêreld.

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