Nelly and Sam by Claudette Browne Storrar – a story of friendship and love between a boy and his creative and inspiring nanny
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Our wonderful, diverse, colourful country is filled with many deserving stories. A beautifully integral one is the story of friendship and love between children and their nannies.

Nelly and Sam by Claudette Browne Storrar and illustrated by Christo Krüger is a story about a little boy Sam and his wonderful, creative and inspiring nanny Nelly.

Nelly shares ideas, local history, tradition and culture with Sam. She brings a bit of her world, words and heart into his. Sam, in turn, does what all little boys do – he happily joins in the adventure.

This particular story revolves around the idea of beletha – the Zulu word for carrying something on your back. By taking their dinosaurs for a picnic, Nelly teaches Sam the art of beletha and Sam comes to see that his little life is one worth carrying.

This is a story of innocence, love and care that connects us across backgrounds.


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