55 carb-conscious recipes for comfort eating – find out more about Trish van der Nest’s new cookbook Home Food with Zero Guilt!
 More about the book!

Home Food with Zero Guilt! by Trish van der Nest is out now from LAPA Publishers.

‘Mealtimes have always given me my most precious memories! I pour much love into the dishes I create – with fresh ingredients, real food, and a constant eye on what is healthy.’

Take a culinary journey homewards with Trish as your guide and host.

For many years, she’s been gathering recipes from friends, family, chefs and foodies from all over the globe and preparing food that her friends and family devour.

Uncomplicated to create, and with easy-to-source ingredients, everyone can serve these treasured low-carb recipes with success.

Think of long tables filled with abundant and delicious food shared with love and laughter.

This is Trish’s signature style: comforting, delectable and healthy!

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