Start 2023 with good habits, with Nicci Robertson’s new cookbook Thrive: Healthy Recipes that Break the Diet Rules
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Thrive: Healthy Recipes that Break the Diet Rules by Nicci Robertson is out now from Penguin Random House!

Eating well should be one of life’s pleasures but, for many people, this is not the case.

Struggles with weight, nutrition-related health issues and low self-esteem can result in food being condemned as an ‘enemy’, to be conquered at all cost.

Nicci Robertson understands, and she uses her personal experience to guide readers towards improved health and wellbeing by taking a different approach to nutrition.

In Thrive, she explains how to exchange bad habits for better ones, recognise and eliminate stress factors that can contribute to lifestyle diseases, and understand the role that proteins, carbs, fats, fibre and water play in keeping us healthy.

She also unpacks some common nutrition facts and myths.

Her message is clear throughout: when you eat the right foods in the right quantities, your body will respond positively and you will thrive both physically and mentally.

The book includes over 80 mouthwatering family-friendly recipes that are packed with flavour and nutritionally balanced.

Whether your goal is weight-loss or improved health, Robertson’s recipes will have you rethinking the concept of ‘diet food’ and heading for the kitchen with enthusiasm!

About the author

Nicci Robertson believes that good health is the key to happiness and personal success. As the founder of Re-Invent Health, producer of her own podcast, resident nutritionist for Real Health
on DSTv’s The Home Channel, and creator of the online learning series Nutrition Rx, she embodies her principles. A clinical nutritionist trained in neuro linguistic programming and
functional medicine, Robertson is known for her pragmatic and forthright approach, which has resulted in successful outcomes for many of her clients.

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