Powerful, inspiring, life-changing. Sermons of Soul by Iman Rappetti

Sermons of Soul by Iman Rappetti – out now from Pan Macmillan!

‘In Sermons of Soul Iman Rappetti shares the voices that play in her ear – ones that compel her to keep her light burning consistently in a tumultuous world.’ – Lebo Mashile

Sermons of Soul brings you the best-loved opening segments from Iman Rappetti’s award-winning radio show, Power Talk.

With each daily sermon, Iman sought to reach out to her listeners and give them something special before the day’s tough subjects unfolded on the programme. She wanted to create a moment for them to feel appreciated, thought of, challenged or cared for.

Some days the sermon was a motivational letter, encouraging listeners to stay strong and confident, to have hope for themselves and the country. On other days it was different – a call to action, a sociopolitical critique, a powerfully moving assessment of how we were doing as a society.

These few minutes became one of the most-listened-to segments in radio, so popular that people frequently called in to comment on the impact of the messages or stopped Iman in the street to talk about them. More than once, the sermons have been called life changing.

Reading Iman’s labour of love will remind you of important issues at the same time as it will encourage and inspire you.

About the author

Iman Rappetti tries to see the stories that lie untold within people – beyond their faces, behind their eyes, inside their experiences – but are necessary for individual and collective catharsis.

Iman is struck by the need for warmth, for love, for understanding, for conversation in our society and has sought, in her work, to help people find those things. She left the safety of her TV and radio shows to focus on ways to use her experience and network to help dismantle misunderstanding and promote cooperation.

Iman is an award-winning broadcaster, mother, leader, lover, and the founder of strategic communications firm RappettiCom. She is committed to her personal cause of living more consciously and intentionally.

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