NR Brodie discusses the research she did around African traditional beliefs while writing her debut novel, Knucklebone
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In a video shared by Pan Macmillan, NR Brodie chats about the inspiration and writing of her new novel, Knucklebone.

Set against the richly textured backdrop of a livewire African city, this fast-paced thriller offers a disturbing contemporary take on justice and morality.

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Brodie is a veteran journalist and bestselling author of five books. Knucklebone is her first work of fiction.

‘When I started writing the book,’ Brodie says, ‘it always had a very strong element of African traditional beliefs in it.

‘That meant doing not just online research but in person research about things that I didn’t really know that much about, particularly ubungoma and the work isangoma and how they saw the world, how they navigated the world.’

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