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Friday Night Book Club: Read an exclusive excerpt from NR Brodie’s new thriller Three Bodies

The Friday Night Book Club: Exclusive excerpts from Pan Macmillan every weekend.

9 new South African books (available as ebooks!) to get you through the shutdown

Pan Macmillan has shared a list of newly published South African ebooks to see you through the shutdown period.

Is there a serial killer at work in Joburg? NR Brodie returns with Three Bodies

In Three Bodies, NR Brodie’s formidable duo (from her debut novel Knucklebone) are fighting time to figure out who is killing women in and around Joburg … is there a serial killer on the loose?

Friday Night Book Club: Read the first chapter of Knucklebone by NR Brodie

The Friday Night Book Club: Exclusive excerpts from Pan Macmillan every weekend!

‘Nobody owns Joburg, which is the way it should be’ – NR Brodie chats about her debut novel Knucklebone

William Saunderson-Meyer interviewed NR Brodie for the Sunday Times about her debut novel Knucklebone.

Join NR Brodie and Lauren Beukes for the launch of Knucklebone in Cape Town

Pan Macmillan and Exclusive Books invite you to the Cape Town launch of Nechama Brodie’s debut novel Knucklebone.

A fast-paced thriller set in Joburg: Read an extract from NR Brodie’s debut novel Knucklebone

Pan Macmillan SA has shared the opening chapter of Knucklebone, the debut novel by NR Brodie.

NR Brodie discusses the research she did around African traditional beliefs while writing her debut novel, Knucklebone

Set against the richly textured backdrop of a livewire African city, this fast-paced thriller offers a disturbing contemporary take on justice and morality.