Eric Idle introduces his new book Always Look on the Bright Side of Life: A Sortabiography

Eric Idle’s new memoir, Always Look on the Bright Side of Life: A Sortabiography, is out now from Jonathan Ball Publishers.

‘The situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territory is very similar to that of apartheid South Africa’ – John Dugard discusses his book Confronting Apartheid

John Dugard discusses his book Confronting Apartheid: A Personal History of South Africa, Namibia and Palestine with Polity SA.

Taking the snobbery out of food – Lesego Semenya (LesDaChef) chats about his debut cookbook, Dijo

Africa’s Lit chatted to Chef Lesego Semenya about his food journey, his goal of taking the snobbery out of food and his new cookbook, Dijo.

Watch: Prue Leith introduces her first cookbook in 25 years!

Whether you are looking for dinner party inspiration, a new mid-week meal, a simple dessert for the holiday season or the perfect gift, then this book is your answer.

‘It thrills me to trick the reader’ – Beyers de Vos chats about his gripping debut novel, Talion

The novel follows the story of a young student from Pretoria named Freya, who sees her twin brother murdered in front of her. 

‘We need to explore our own country’ – Sihle Khumalo chats about his new book, Rainbow Nation My Zulu Arse

In his new book, Rainbow Nation My Zulu Arse, Sihle Khumalo travels around South Africa’s highways and byways, discovering the beautiful and bizarre.

South African recipes with a Suzelle DIY twist – The Suzelle recipe book is here!

Suzelle DIY has shared an exclusive peek into her new recipe book, Recipes!

This book does not condemn Winnie Mandela, nor does it seek to exonerate her: Sisonke Msimang on why she wrote The Resurrection of Winnie Mandela

Sisonke Msimang has shared a video in which she talks about why she decided to write her new book, The Resurrection of Winnie Mandela.

Watch an interview with Khaya Dlanga chatting about his new book These Things Really Do Happen To Me

In These Things Really Do Happen To Me, Khaya Dlanga shares some of the most embarrassing, joyful and hilarious events of his life, from his childhood until today.

‘Bitcoin has the potential to change the world’ – Mpho Dagada chats about his book Mr Bitcoin: How I Became a Millionaire at 21

‘The world needs to look up and notice that something that has the potential to change the world has risen among us. And that being Bitcoin.’

‘If we don’t write about Fees Must Fall ourselves, someone else will’ – Rekgotsofetse Chikane chats about Breaking a Rainbow, Building a Nation

‘There was a professor at UCT who […] wrote the first Feel Must Fall book. It was a horrible depiction of the movement, completely misled, had no insight on what was happening inside the movement.’

Find out more about The Moon Sister – the new book in Lucinda Riley’s bestselling Seven Sisters series

The fifth book in Lucinda Riley’s bestselling Seven Sisters series, The Moon Sister, is out from Pan Macmillan in November 2018!

‘There is a stigma when you are dark skinned in this country’ – Clinton Chauke discusses his book Born in Chains: The Diary of an Angry ‘Born-Free’

‘With skin colour and complexion and skin tone, they judge your beauty, they judge your humanness, with the legacy of apartheid. I struggled with that, I got mocked. So that is also one of the “chains” from the title Born in Chains.’

‘I wanted to show what you can do with our languages’ – Melusi Tshabalala chats about the inspiration behind Melusi’s Everyday Zulu

‘Advertising doesn’t respect and appreciate our languages. For me, in the beginning, it was to showcase my language, isiZulu. I wanted to show what you can actually do with our languages.’

‘He just took over the story’ – Máire Fisher chats about the main character in her new novel The Enumerations

In The Enumerations, Fisher scrupulously explores the effects of mental conditions on a family. She shows the great power of those who hold us as we learn to harness the strength within us.

‘I think anyone could enjoy this book’ – Kate Sidley chats about 100 Mandela Moments

‘It’s meant to be something that anyone can read. Not everyone’s up for a 500-page biography, and the style of it is supposed to be light.’

Watch an interview with Africa’s Lit September #litrockstar Mphuthumi Ntabeni, author of The Broken River Tent

Mphuthumi Ntabeni explains how his debut novel The Broken River Tent was inspired by his need to understand Xhosa history from the perspective of the dispossessed.

‘At its heart there lies a long-buried secret waiting to be uncovered’ – Kate Morton chats about her new book The Clockmaker’s Daughter

From the bestselling author of The House at Riverton and The Secret Keeper, Kate Morton brings us her dazzling sixth novel, The Clockmaker’s Daughter.

‘For me, writing is like being an actress’ – Sue Nyathi chats about getting into her characters’ heads and her new novel The Gold Diggers

Sue Nyathi, author of The Polygamist and now The Gold Diggers, chatted to Africa’s Lit about her writing and the inspiration for her new novel.

The world today could do with a dose of Nelson Mandela’s leadership – Peter Hain, author of Mandela: His Essential Life

‘You’ve got President Trump, you’ve got President Putin, you’ve got Erdoğan in Turkey, all these authoritarian figures, and they appeal to people’s base instincts. Nelson Mandela always appealed to people’s higher instincts in the way that he led.’