‘It was like giving birth to a child’: Award-winning journalist Iman Rappetti launches her memoir Becoming Iman
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Iman Rappetti launched her debut book Becoming Iman at Exclusive Books Hyde Park recently.

In this moving and entertaining memoir, Rappetti shares stories and what she has learned from her colourful journey through life.

‘When you’re peeling back your own layers, when you’re used to peeling back other people’s layers, this reversal of roles can be so daunting,’ Rappetti says. ‘But I think that when you are in the business or in the space of truth-seeking, that you also have to be truth-giving.’

The award-winning journalist says she has been telling stories most of her life.

‘It’s wonderful to be able to create this compendium of experiences, and share them at this point in my life,’ she says. ‘It was part serendipity, part having the space in which to express myself, and people to support me along that journey.

‘It’s like when you’re ready to give birth to a child. It just has to happen organically! And now is that moment.’

Rappetti dedicated the book to her three children: ‘They have constantly supported me, they have defined me in many way. They have given me the role of motherhood, and allowed me to explore myself in that way. And also they’ve forgiven my shortcomings, and that’s such a beautiful alter to live around.’

Watch Joburg Today’s video of the launch:

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