The Young Entrepreneur’s Playbook – a step-by-step ‘how to’ for the budding entrepreneur by Lindile Xoko
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In a time of crisis and unpredictability, Lindile Xoko has written a guide, a playbook, a step-by-step ‘how to’ for the budding entrepreneur.

The Young Entrepreneur’s Playbook: Using Failure as a Shortcut to Success will enable and empower entrepreneurs with practical knowledge – how to monetise ideas, build a sustainable business and grow it, while navigating internal and external challenges. The playbook shows that failure is not something to fear, but rather a step towards success.

Xoko is chief revenue officer designate at Primedia Broadcasting and chief entrepreneur officer at Eden, a digital platform that helps entrepreneurs and small businesses manage and grow their businesses.

Youth unemployment, with official figures running at a terrifying 43.6%, has been exacerbated both by the pandemic and the recent job losses after the July unrest. One solution to this unemployment emergency is to assist the small business sector which supports sustainable growth through entrepreneurship. Small businesses are best positioned to absorb unemployed youth, thus contributing to the country’s economic growth.

You don’t need a degree to follow the playbook. Anyone with an idea and a willingness to make a difference in their lives can pick up the book and start their journey to success.

Each small business born is an opportunity to make a meaningful impact on our country’s economic growth. As a community we should all support each and every fledgling enterprise.

To start your journey to success or support someone on theirs you can pre-order The Young Entrepreneur’s Playbook at the link above.

About the author

Lindile Xoko completed his MBA with merit from the University of Birmingham and has 24 years of entrepreneurship experience. He has led businesses in South Africa and Europe with a very successful track record in the roles of growth, strategy, sales, channel development and acceleration, project management, transformation and business development.


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