New book alert! A Brief History of South Africa: From the Earliest Times to the Mandela Presidency
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A Brief History of South Africa: From the Earliest Times to the Mandela Presidency by John Pampallis and Maryke Bailey is out now from Jacana Media!

‘Many South Africans today find themselves with a superficial knowledge of the country’s history … this book plays an important role in developing … awareness.’ – Kgalema Motlanthe, former President of South Africa

A Brief History of South Africa is an introduction to South African history from the earliest times to the Mandela Presidency. Using both a narrative chronology and thematic chapters, the book encourages critical thinking about how history shaped South Africa.

While presenting an account of colonisation and the policies of successive governments, A Brief History portrays the resistance to colonisation, segregation and apartheid, including the role of political, social and trade union movements.

A Brief History does not aim to be comprehensive, but rather provides the basic facts for the general reader. The book can also act as a study guide for both formal and non-formal adult education. Equally important, A Brief History can be used to strengthen history teaching in schools.

The book provides history teachers with the opportunity to expand their own knowledge, especially if they do not have a history qualification. Each chapter points readers to a range of further readings with a variety of historical interpretations, and provides questions for group discussion.

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