[Watch] Bestselling author Richard Sutton discusses his new book Stressproof and explains why it’s relevant now more than ever
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Bestselling author Richard Sutton chatted about the game-changing action plans that can help combat stress-related challenges, as explored in his new book Stressproof.

Stressproof speaks to the crisis currently facing the professional landscape. It outlines the conundrum of stress and its performance advantage versus its destructiveness; and it focuses on the stress-related challenges facing decision makers in the world of business today.

‘If ever there was a time to promote the importance of minding our mental health and managing feelings of stress and anxiety, it is now.’

Sutton was in conversation with Business Maverick Associate Editor Sasha Planting in a Daily Maverick webinar.

Sutton and Planting discussed:

  • The impact of stress on our health and performance;
  • Why the combination of the Covid-19 pandemic and stress is potentially devastating;
  • How perfectionists can reduce stress and the risk of developing physical health issues;
  • Why the burden of managing stress falls on company leaders more than ever;
  • How leaders can rise to the challenge of helping their employees, and themselves, manage and navigate these challenges.

Watch the video:

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