[Video] ‘I would classify it as a comedy but there’s a tragic aspect to it’ – Rémy Ngamije introduces his debut novel The Eternal Audience of One
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BlackBird Books has shared a video of Rémy Ngamije chatting about his new novel, The Eternal Audience of One.

Ngamije is a Rwandan-born Namibian writer. The Eternal Audience of One is his debut novel.

The book focuses on Seraphin Turihamwe, a young man whose life is characterised by movement. After leaving Rwanda under duress and never feeling at rest in Namibia, which he believes is slow and boring, he finds himself fighting to fit in in Cape Town. So much about the city is designed to push people like him out.

Through his interactions with a few reluctant mentors, loyal friends and the women he carries on relationships with, he explores and performs different parts of his identity while dealing with other issues of family, race, immigrant life and love.

‘I would classify it as a comedy,’ Ngamije says, ‘because I find particular parts of the story very, very funny, but like with anything comedic there’s often a tragic aspect to it.

‘I think it ties it with what Charlie Chaplin said, that in the short term life is really a tragedy, but in the grand scheme of things, when you look back on things, it’s a comedy.’

Watch the video:

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