‘Daniel is a little bit awful, and that was so much fun to write.’ – Gail Schimmel chats about her new novel, The Accident

Pan Macmillan sat down with Gail Schimmel to chat about her new novel, The Accident.

‘Classier than Fifty Shades’ – Eva Mazza chats about her new novel Sex, Lies and Stellenbosch

Eva Mazza chatted to Ayanda Dlamini of OpenNews about her debut novel, Sex, Lies and Stellenbosch.

‘I feel a little vulnerable knowing what I’m putting out there’ – Michelle Obama chats about her new memoir, Becoming

Penguin Random House has shared a conversation with Michelle Obama about her new memoir, Becoming.

‘Most wokeness I happen to come across is dependent on brokeness’ – Phumlani Pikoli chats about his debut book

Pan Macmillan sat down with author Phumlani Pikoli to chat about his debut book, The Fatuous State of Severity.

‘Why can’t a girl from Soweto become a mermaid?’ Mohale Mashigo chats about her new book, Intruders

Mohale Mashigo chatted to The Reading List about her new book, Intruders.

‘Writing at least one book a year, I have to be disciplined’ – An interview with Tony Park, author of Scent of Fear

Tony Park chatted to Pan Macmillan about his writing process, influences and research for his African themed books, including the upcoming Scent of Fear! 

‘Writing is like removing your own appendix with a pair of rusty scissors’ – Mark Winkler chats about his new book Theo and Flora

Mark Winkler discusses his new novel, Theo & Flora, and why writing is like performing surgery on yourself.

South Africa has something approaching a crisis of undiagnosed mental health issues – Rebecca Davis chats about her new book Self-Helpless: A Cynic’s Search for Sanity

Rebecca Davis chatted to The Reading List about her new book Self-Helpless: A Cynic’s Search for Sanity, a humorous take on the self-improvement industry, out now from Pan Macmillan!

Quitting alcohol and looking for meaning in life – Rebecca Davis chats about Self-Helpless: A Cynic’s Search for Sanity

‘So I quit drinking, and it was only in the wake of stopping to consume alcohol in excess weekly that I realised the degree to which many of us use alcohol as an existential crutch.’

‘He just took over the story’ – Máire Fisher chats about the main character in her new novel The Enumerations

In The Enumerations, Fisher scrupulously explores the effects of mental conditions on a family. She shows the great power of those who hold us as we learn to harness the strength within us.

The blurred line between the police and organised crime: Mandy Wiener discusses her new book, Ministry of Crime: An Underworld Explored

Mandy Wiener chatted to The Reading List about her explosive new book, Ministry of Crime: An Underworld Explored.

‘Johannesburg is both a place that I know and don’t know’: An interview with Stephen Clingman about his memoir, Birthmark

Stephen Clingman chats to The Reading List about his memoir, Birthmark, published by Jacana Media. The Reading List: Thank you very much …

‘Anytime I’m stuck, I pick up a book and read: Good writing inspires creativity!’ – Mary Lynn Bracht chats about writing her debut novel, White Chrysanthemum

White Chrysanthemum, the powerful and moving debut novel by Mary Lynn Bracht, is out now from Penguin Random House South Africa.

Being ‘an outsider looking in’ is useful for a writer – Fiona Melrose chats about her new book, Johannesburg

Fiona Melrose says she feels like an outsider in Johannesburg, but says she believes that is a useful position to be in as a writer.

An interview with bestselling author Ali Land ahead of her SA tour

Ali Land, the author of Good Me Bad Me – ‘one of the most extraordinary, controversial and explosive literary debuts of 2017’ – is in South Africa.