‘The sooner the ANC deal with this matter the better’ – Bantu Holomisa on Jacques Pauw’s controversial book The President’s Keepers
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Bantu Holomisa chatted to Morning Live about his new biography Bantu Holomisa: The Game Changer, written by Eric Naki.

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Holomisa was asked for his opinion on Jacques Pauw’s bestselling exposé The President’s Keepers, which accuses President Jacob Zuma of corruption on a large scale.

‘In this country we have freedom of the press and freedom of expression, so let those who are not happy with the book write a review,’ Holomisa says.

‘But so far [the book] vindicates what has been said, what we have read in the emails: that the president is at the centre stage in influencing or leading these corrupt practices.

‘The sooner the ANC deal with this matter the better because it is not only affecting the ANC but it affects the country.’

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