The complicated life of podcaster in the spotlight in Steven Boykey Sidley’s new novel Free Association
 More about the book!

Bruce Dennill has written a review of Steven Boykey Sidley’s new book Free Association for The Times.

Sidley is the author of Entanglement, Stepping Out and Imperfect Solo. His latest book takes on the complicated life of podcaster.

“I listen to two or three podcasts a day,” says Sidley. “It’s changed my life. I have found such richness in that space. I found it hard to believe that nobody had – to the best of my knowledge – written a book about it.

“After Imperfect Solo, I wrote another book, but that one was unsalvageable, so I wrote a play with my wife Kate instead. When this one arrived, it felt like it arrived with an angelic choir. The first draft was easy to write.”

For the complete review, click on the link above. 

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