Mentors, the new book by Russell Brand – Could happiness lie in helping others and being open to accepting help yourself?
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Russell Brand has a new book coming in March! In Mentors: How to Help and Be Helped, he shares the stories of the significant people who have had a positive impact on his life.

About the book

Mentors – the follow up to Sunday Times number one bestseller, Recovery – describes the benefits of seeking and offering help.

Russell Brand says:

‘I have mentors in every area of my life, as a comic, a dad, a recovering drug addict, a spiritual being and as a man who believes that we, as individuals and the great globe itself, are works in progress and that through a chain of mentorship we can improve individually and globally, together … One of the unexpected advantages my drug addiction granted is that the process of recovery that I practise includes a mentorship tradition.

‘I will encourage you to find mentors of your own and explain how you may better use the ones you already have. Furthermore, I will tell you about my experiences mentoring others and how invaluable that has been on my ongoing journey to self-acceptance and how it has helped me to transform from a bewildered and volatile vagabond to a (mostly) present and (usually) focused husband and father.’

Mentors: How to Help and Be Helped describes the impact that a series of significant people have had on the author – from the wayward youths he tried to emulate growing up in Essex, through the first ex-junkie sage, to the people he turns to today to help him be a better father. It explores how we all – consciously and unconsciously – choose guides, mentors and heroes throughout our lives and examines the new perspectives they can bring.

‘Compact book with a huge heart.’
– The Guardian

‘A manifesto for making mentoring mainstream.’
– Sunday Times Magazine

‘A book about how to work together and help each other – we are not meant to do it on our own.’
– Marie Claire

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