‘I have been writing this book since I was 20 so it has been quite a journey’ – Read an interview with Sue Nyathi about her new novel A Family Affair
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Bestselling author Sue Nyathi’s third novel A Family Affair is out now!

The novel tells the story of the Mafus, a close-knit, traditional family with three daughters, who always present a united front. But when a devastating secret is revealed, events threaten to tear the family apart.

Nyathi chatted to The Reading List about writing, reading and the things that get in the way. The interview was published on The Daily Maverick.

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TRL: What are you most excited about people discovering in your book?

Sue Nyathi: I am more excited by the fact that people have discovered my books, never mind what they discover inside them! But I think what excites me is the thought that people may discover certain aspects of themselves in the novel.

What were some of the unexpected challenges that came up while you were writing?

Sue Nyathi: I think the most challenging aspect of this book was writing what I call the final version. I was not sure what to leave out and what to reinvent. I have been writing this book since I was 20 so it has been quite a journey in terms of rethinking and rewriting things, as my perspective changed over the years.

What was unexpectedly easy?

Sue Nyathi: The characterisation. The characters were birthed a long time ago and they have grown with me, warts and all, and have got refined with age.

What question do you think readers are going to ask you the most?

Sue Nyathi: Did you have to end the book the way you did? (I won’t say more, as that would be a spoiler!)

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