Cover reveal! Pamela Power’s #sobercurious new memoir My Year of Not Getting Sh*tfaced
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My Year of Not Getting Sh*tfaced by Pamela Power will be out in March from Jonathan Ball Publishers.

The title says it all – this is an honest, fun and humorous look at a grown woman’s love-hate relationship with alcohol.

In My Year of Not Getting Sh*tfaced, Power takes a hard look at her drinking habit and realises that although she does not need to find an AA group immediately, she might be a serial binge drinker and needs to take back control.

Set against the backdrop of Covid-19 pandemic that pushed most of us to the limits. Power and her family are no exception, they face several challenges including financial woes and uncertainty about the future of SA.

While other sober curious books are often dry and portray sobriety as the only answer, Power finds a sweet spot between total sobriety and binge drinking – moderation.

Through her, we experience all the frustration, the discomfort of the withdrawals and the reaction from friends and family to her decision to go dry. With the alcohol bans in South Africa and the national outrage that followed, Power’s experiences are very relatable and coloured by her cheeky larger-than-life personality.

About the author

Pamela Power is a television scriptwriter and script editor who has worked on the television shows Top Billing, Generations, Rockville and Uzalo, and is currently the script editor at Muvhango. She has two children and one husband and lives in Johannesburg.

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