Exposing and revealing, brilliantly appealing, Zapiro does it again in Which Side is Up?!

Which Side is Up? – the 2019 Zapiro annual – out now from Jacana Media!

Zapiro’s annual offering is our duplicity warning, our canary in the coalmine, our national conscience. Exposing and revealing, brilliantly appealing, Zapiro does it again!

It’s been a year of the Zondo Inquiry picking through the debris of the Gupta and Bosasa empires, uncovering State Capture while Zuma-era spooks frantically cover up; Pravin Gordhan joining the dots as the Public Protector peddles the Rogue Unit fantasy; exposés of Ace Magashule’s Gangster State, Juju and Floyd’s credit card looting and Iqbal Survé’s ego; an election which no party could call a victory; Trump tweeting, Brexit bumbling, SAA tail-spinning and Eskom’s financial big hole; President Ramaphosa seems shocked by it all – Zapiro just keeps on zapping.

About the author

Zapiro works as the editorial cartoonist for Daily Maverick. Previously he was editorial cartoonist for the Sunday Times (1998–2018), the Mail & Guardian (1994–2016), The Times (May 2009–2016), the Sowetan (1994–2005), the Cape Argus (1996–1997), and the Cape Times, The Star, The Mercury and Pretoria News (2005–2008). He has published 23 best-selling annuals as well as WTF: Capturing Zuma – A cartoonist’s tale, The Mandela Files, VuvuzelaNation (a collection of his sporting cartoons) and DemoCrazy (a collection of his cartoons spanning the 20 years of SA’s democracy).

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