Do you love local fiction? Win a book hamper containing six of Penguin Random House SA’s favourite local fiction books

It’s competition time with Penguin Random House SA!

Two lucky readers will win one of two hampers, each with six of Penguin Random House SA’s favourite local fiction books.

To stand a chance of winning, simply complete the online competition form here before Wednesday, 31 July 2019.

Terms and conditions apply.

Do you love local fiction as much as we do? Here’s what you can look forward to if you win!

  • As if Born to You by Susan Newham-Blake: Two women, equally damaged by the past and its secrets, discover that healing sometimes lies in unexpected places.
  • Homeland by Karin Brynard: It was during one of the Kalahari’s raging February storms that Kytie Rooi committed a murder. It happened so fast, so silently, that at first her mind didn’t register: the man making a single, surprised sound.
  • The Inside-out Man by Fred Strydom: In this jazzy and surreal mind-bender of a book, brilliant jazz pianist Bent lives from gig to gig in a city of dead ends.
  • A Gap in the Hedge by Johan Vlok Louw: Karin Schimke called the book ‘a haunting puzzle of a story rendered in language that is simultaneously blunt and lyrical’, adding ‘I couldn’t read another novel for days after as the last waves of the narrative lapped against my consciousness.’
  • A Spy in Time by Imraan Coovadia: An original dystopia set in a futuristic Johannesburg where white people have been a rarity for centuries.
  • Sleeper by Mike Nicol: First there is the killing of the minister of energy. Then the cop investigating the murder commits suicide. Fearing a conspiracy, the minister’s lover hires PI Fish Pescado to find the killer. Then she goes missing. And Fish is being stonewalled by the cops because …

Good luck!

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