‘In the end, you’re a victim of your own comfort zone’ – Chanette Paul chats about her US debut, Sacrificed

Catalyst Press chats to South African author Chanette Paul about her US debut, Sacrificed.

Jodi Picoult in Afrikaans? Sowaar! Nuut in Februarie 2020: Die Belydenis, vertaal deur Daniel Hugo

Uit die pen van die gewilde skrywer van My Sister’s Keeper verskyn dié boeiende verhaal van twee vroue … en een geheim.

Shirmoney Rhode resenseer Lang pad onnetoe deur Jason Reynolds, vertaal deur Nathan Trantraal

Lees wat sê die skrywer en digter Shirmoney Rhode oor Jason Reynolds se roman Long way down, wat deur die digter Nathan Trantraal na Afrikaans vertaal is.

Carol Campbell’s third Karoo novel, The Tortoise Cried its Only Tear, to be published in Dutch by Mozaïek

Exciting news! Carol Campbell​’s third Karoo novel, The Tortoise Cried its Only Tear, will soon be published in Dutch by Uitgeverij Mozaïek in The Netherlands.

Asymptote Journal announces a new essay writing contest judged by JM Coetzee

Asymptote, a journal dedicated to world literature in translation, has announced a new contest, to be judged by JM Coetzee.

The Jalada collective: Charting Africa’s linguistic multiverse

Aaron Bady has written an article for Pacific Standard about Jalada Africa, a pan-African literary collective with a radical mission: ‘an ongoing translation effort to unite – and elevate – African literature’.

Roland Glasser describes the process of translating Fiston Mwanza Mujila’s award winning Tram 83

In a wonderful article in the new issue of Asymptote, Roland Glasser writes about the experience of translating Fiston Mwanza Mujila’s award winning debut novel Tram 83 from French into English.

Translating Agatha Christie into Icelandic: ‘One clue took 10 years’

Ragnar Jónasson, author of Rupture, explains how rendering great English thriller writer Agatha Christie into his own language taught him how to write fiction himself.