The Jalada collective: Charting Africa’s linguistic multiverse
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Aaron Bady has written an article for Pacific Standard about Jalada Africa, a pan-African literary collective with a radical mission: ‘an ongoing translation effort to unite – and elevate – African literature’.

Jalada’s “about” page is brief and to the point: a “pan-Africanist writers’ collective” whose goal is “to publish literature by African authors regularly by making it as easy as possible for any member to publish anything.” This tautology – their goal is to publish the things they are publishing – tells a story of its own: Jalada is just the work itself, without money, pretensions, or ego. The anthologies don’t have introductions, nor are there mission statements or manifestos; there is only the writing.

In the article, Bady outlines Jalada’s plans to explore the thousands of mother tongues that Africans speak, including a project to translate stories from European to African languages and between African languages.

On Twitter, Bady provided some more background to the story and shared some of the conversations that didn’t make it into the final article because of space constraints:

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