House of Horrors, the shocking story of how the Springs Monster tortured and abused his family, is now available in English
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House of horrors, the English translation of Susan Cilliers’s bestselling Afrikaans exposé Huis van gruwels: My 16 jaar in die Springs helis now available.

About the book

‘I kneel on the foot piece next to the bed and lower my head. A piercing, burning pain engulfs my entire face. Dad has kicked me. Blood is gushing from my nose. Then I feel cold water being poured all over my body. Electrical wires shock me, I can’t see through the blood. God, help me.’ (Landi’s own words, translated from Afrikaans.)

Landi is the eldest of five children who were rescued from the so-called Springs House of Horror.

She is 21 years old now and tells her astonishing story for the very first time.

In May 2014, police raided the house where a sadistic father had imprisoned, abused and tortured his wife and five children in a rat-infested den of sleaze.

In chilling detail, Landi recalls how their father assaulted them with an electric prod, shot at them with a gas pistol and burned them with a blowtorch; how he researched torture methods and nearly drowned them in a bathtub.

Landi relates her memories to Susan Cilliers, an experienced journalist, who documents it with compassion.

Cilliers skilfully combines the facts that have emanated from the police investigation and court case with Landi’s very personal story.

House of Horrors is the shocking tale of a father who has taken everything from his family in the cruellest possible way, yet it also is a story of hope about a brave young girl who eventually finds happiness and healing.

Since its release in 2019, the Afrikaans version of this book has already made the Nielsens bestsellers non-fiction list 22 times, and is still going strong.


House of Horrors is die skokverhaal van die sogenaamde Springsmonster wat op die wreedste manier denkbaar alles van sy gesin weggeneem het, maar ook ’n storie van hoop oor hoe ’n dapper jong vrou uiteindelik geluk en genesing vind.

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