Video: ‘The book showcases that we are people’ – Renaldo Schwarp chats about his groundbreaking LGBTIQ-memoir, Skeef
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‘We shouldn’t underestimate the power of sharing our stories,’ says Renaldo Schwarp, radio host, filmmaker and author of Skeef: Wat jy van LGBTIQ-wees wil weet.

Renaldo was a guest on the Expresso Show on 11 October 2021, also known as National Coming Out Day, where he spoke about his hopes and aspirations for Skeef.

‘The book showcases that we are people,’ he says. ‘In South Africa, especially the Afrikaans community, there is a lot of stigma around who we are and what we do. By showcasing these stories and these people, hopefully we realise the hate and discrimination is extremely unnecessary.’

Watch the video:

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