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Holiday reads for the 2021 season, from Jacana Media. Choose your own adventure and escape for the summer holidays!

Hauntings, edited by Niq Mhlongo

South African writers let loose when it comes to the inspired and the spooky. All the names you’ve come to know, with some dazzling newcomers, tell unexpected tales in this collection of commissioned stories edited by the maestro Niq Mhlongo.



The Good Nigerian by David Dison

David Dison’s PI, Jerome Nossel, is back, outwitting hoodlums, solving mysteries from the old days and trying to survive the new Joburg gangsters and power brokers. Ngozi Daubieʼs husband Alex, an old friend of Nosselʼs, is being held by Yuri Kramerov, a brutal and brutalised Russian gangster kingpin. Nossel, sometimes shady, often clandestine, but a constant friend, has a penchant for justice, and a long memory …



The Discovery of Love by Nthikeng Mohlele

Mohlele delves into the varied guises that love takes in this astounding collection of new stories. From the naive and gentle to the dark and perverse and from the erotic to the macabre, Mohlele’s tales shimmer in expansive and unexpected dimensions.



Christopher by Nozuko Siyotula

Christopher follows an extraordinary family – the January-Miyas, and their fabled strong-willed women – through several generations. This is a tale of courage and its cost, by a dynamic new novelist.




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