The Stranger in the Lifeboat by Mitch Albom – the stunning new novel from the bestselling author of global phenomenon Tuesdays with Morrie
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The Stranger in the Lifeboat – an inspirational, moving new novel from Mitch Albom, the 40 million copy bestselling author of Tuesdays with Morrie and The Five People You Meet in Heaven – is out now from Jonathan Ball Publishers.


Adrift in a raft after a terrible shipwreck, ten strangers struggle to survive while they wait for rescue.

After three days, short on water, food and hope, they spot a man floating in the waves.

They pull him on board – and the survivor claims he can save them.

But should they put their trust in him?

Will any of them see home again?

And why did the ship really sink?

The Stranger in the Lifeboat is not only a deeply moving novel about the power of love and hope in the face of danger, but also a mystery that will keep you guessing to the very end.

Mitch Albom is an internationally bestselling author, screenwriter, playwright, and award-winning journalist. He is the author of seven consecutive number one New York Times bestsellers and has sold over 40 million copies of his books in 47 languages worldwide, including Tuesdays with Morrie, which is one of the bestselling memoirs of all time. Albom also works as a columnist and broadcaster and has founded nine charities in Detroit and operates an orphanage in Port Au Prince, Haiti. He lives with his wife, Janine, in Michigan.

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