[Watch] China Mieville introduces The Book of Elsewhere, written in collaboration with the legendary Keanu Reeves
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In The Book of Elsewhere, the legendary Keanu Reeves and inimitable writer China Miéville team up on a genre-bending epic of ancient powers, modern war and an outcast who cannot die.

In a collaboration that combines Miéville’s singular style and creativity with Reeves’s haunting and soul-stirring narrative, these two inimitable artists have created something utterly unique, sure to delight existing fans and to create scores of new ones.

Out on 9 August 2024 from Penguin Random House SA!

About the book

She said, We needed a tool. So I asked the gods.

There have always been whispers. Legends. The warrior who cannot be killed. Who’s seen a thousand civilizations rise and fall. He has had many names: Unute, Child of Lightning, Death himself. These days, he’s known simply as ‘B’.

And he wants to be able to die.

In the present day, a US black-ops group has promised him they can help with that. And all he needs to do is help them in return. But when an all-too-mortal soldier comes back to life, the impossible event ultimately points toward a force even more mysterious than B himself. One at least as strong. And one with a plan all its own.

Watch a video of Miéville introducing The Book of Elsewhere:

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