[Video] Mandla Langa hopes Dare Not Linger: The Presidential Years will ‘jog the memory’ of ANC leadership
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Drawing on Nelson Mandela’s own unfinished memoir, Dare Not Linger is the remarkable story of his presidency told in his own words and those of distinguished South African writer Mandla Langa.

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‘When I was asked to finish the memoirs of Nelson Mandela I had a mixture of emotions,’ Langa says. ‘On the one had, I was elated, I was very, very happy, and I was also honoured.

‘But at the same time I was also very intimidated, because this is possibly the world’s most important, and recognisable and respected and dignified icons. So it was a task that I had to treat with a lot of care and respect.’

Langa says he hopes the book ‘jogs the memory’ of the country’s current leadership, especially in the ANC, ‘because that is the movement which Madiba went to prison for, fought for. And it was as a member of the ANC that he passed on.’

He adds: ‘It must also be a book for the people of South Africa.’

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