The President’s Daughter – the new action-packed thriller from James Patterson and former President Bill Clinton
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Every detail is accurate because one of the authors is President Bill Clinton. The drama and action never stop because the other author is James Patterson. The President’s Daughter is out now from Penguin Random House!

In The President’s Daughter, Patterson and Clinton – the ‘dream team’ (Lee Child) – return with a thriller even more compelling than global number one bestseller The President is Missing.

All presidents have nightmares. This one is about to come true.

Matthew Keating, a one-time Navy SEAL and a former US President, has always defended his family as fiercely as he has his country.

Now these defences are under attack. And it’s personal.

Keating’s teenage daughter, Melanie, has been abducted, turning every parent’s deepest fear into a matter of national security.

As the world watches, Keating embarks on a one-man special-ops mission that tests his strengths: as a leader, a warrior, and a father.

Because Keating knows that in order to save Melanie’s life he will have to put his own on the line …

‘The President’s Daughter is an absolute rocket. Rich with the authenticity only a president can deliver, this story of a father’s desperate search for his daughter will have readers burning through pages. Clinton and Patterson are simply the best in the thriller business.’ – Robert Crais, bestselling author of the Elvis Cole series

‘The President’s Daughter is a page-turning, painfully human thriller that reveals the human hearts that beat inside those corridors of power. James Patterson, the grand master of American storytelling, is on fire here and Bill Clinton’s two terms in the White House give the book an authenticity that, quite frankly, the competition will never come even close to matching.’ – Tony Parsons, bestselling author of Your Neighbour’s Wife

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