Teach your child about diversity with the new rhyming picture book I Have Brown Skin and Curly Hair
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I Have Brown Skin and Curly Hair by Karen Theunissen is out now from Jacana Media!

The book is available in Afrikaans, isiXhosa and isiZulu.

Illustrated by Charles Gibbons.

About the book

Everyone in this family looks different. Dad is tall and dark. Mum has light brown hair with green eyes. Some of the children have straight hair; others have curls.

People regard them curiously until, one day, one of the children musters the courage to speak up proudly about her identity after she learns where she comes from and why she looks different.

This rhyming picture book is about the identity crises many children face when they look different from their family members. The book takes children through the unique and often untold history of South Africa, explaining how a mixed-race heritage can contribute to their physical differences and yet they can still be part of one family.

This book can also be used by educators or parents who wish to teach their children about diversity.

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