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In The Republic of Gupta, Pieter-Louis Myburgh delves deeper than ever before into the Guptas’ business dealings and their links to prominent South African politicians, and explains how one family managed to transform an entire country into the Republic of Gupta.

The Sunday Times has published an excerpt from the book:

It was 1995 and South Africa appeared to have shaken off some of the early jitters of its transition to democracy. A wave of patriotism was now washing over the country, partly driven by the Springboks’ fairy-tale victory over New Zealand in the Rugby World Cup final held in Johannesburg in June that year.

Nelson Mandela’s dream of a Rainbow Nation was within reach and the country’s economy had absorbed some of the new-found optimism. Businesses, particularly those in the nascent IT sector, sought to exploit the opportunities that accompanied the new political dispensation.

It was within this context that John, a Johannesburg-based businessman, met Atul Gupta and his entourage for the first time.

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