Mandy Wiener chats to Iman Rappetti about Ministry of Crime: An Underworld Explored
 More about the book!

Award-winning journalist Mandy Wiener chatted to Iman Rappetti recently about her new book Ministry of Crime: An Underworld Explored.

Rappetti, who has a new book out of her own: Becoming Iman, says Ministry of Crime illustrates how South Africa is a place ‘ripe for exploitation’ by mafia-like networks that reach into government and law-enforcement structures.

‘That is the story I’m trying to tell in this book,’ Wiener says. ‘It’s not just the story of the underworld and characters like Radovan Krejčíř or Mark Lifman or Nafiz Modak, but it is the parallel narrative of what has happened to the crime intelligence and law enforcement structures over the past ten years.

‘There’s been a deliberate evisceration that we’ve seen of various state agencies and apparatus of government, where we’re left with a system that is depleted.’

Listen to the interview:

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