How your business can avoid a reputation disaster – Nicola Kleyn chats to Bruce Whitfield about her new book When Crisis Strikes
 More about the book!

Nicola Kleyn, co-author of When Crisis Strikes, chatted to Bruce Whitfield on his ‘How it Works’ feature recently about how to avoid a reputation disaster.

When Crisis Strikes: Ten Rules to Survive (and Avoid) a Reputation Disaster, by Kleyn and Francis Herd, is out now from Pan Macmillan.

‘This is a must-have handbook on crisis management whose moment has come. Every CEO should get a copy!’ – Alistair Mokoena, Google South Africa Country Director

The book provides 10 simple and effective rules to help manage crisis situations. The practical advice in each rule is backed up by academic research that draws from public relations, marketing, management, leadership and psychology. It combines insights from a seasoned journalist and an accomplished academic to give you the advice and tools to ward off a crisis before it strikes and, if it’s too late, to resolve a situation quickly and with integrity.

Whitfield himself has a book out now too – The Upside of Down. Find out more about that book here!

Listen to the interview:

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