‘He’s at my flat,’ I whisper. ‘I think I killed him.’ All My Lies Are True by Dorothy Koomson

All My Lies Are True by Dorothy Koomson is out now from Jonathan Ball Publishers.

From the bestselling author of Tell Me Your Secret and The Brighton Mermaid comes the breathtaking sequel to the iconic bestseller The Ice Cream Girls.

I can’t imagine Mum’s face when I tell her.
When I start to explain what I’ve done … and why I had to do it.

My phone starts to flash with a silent incoming call. The SOS I was desperate for.
‘What’s happened?’ he asks. I thought there’d be comfort in his voice but no, it makes it real, makes it terrifying.
‘He’s at my flat,’ I whisper. ‘I think I killed him.’

Verity is telling lies … And that’s why she’s about to be arrested for attempted murder.
Serena has been lying for years … And that may have driven her daughter, Verity, to do something unthinkable …
Poppy’s lies have come back to haunt her … So will her quest for the truth hurt everyone she loves?

Everyone lies.

But whose lies are going to end in tragedy?

About the author

Dorothy Koomson is the award-winning author of 15 novels including the bestsellers My Best Friend’s Girl, The Ice Cream Girls and Goodnight, Beautiful.

Koomson’s novels have been translated into over 30 languages, and a TV adaptation based on The Ice Cream Girls was shown on ITV1 in 2013. After briefly living in Australia, Dorothy now lives in Brighton. Tell Me Your Secret is her most recent novel.

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