Chef Karen Dudley will be hosting three live online Cook Alongs this month!
 More about the book!

Let Karen Dudley show you her secrets using her recipes from A Week in The Kitchen!

A Week in The Kitchen will be available again in stores from 1 October.

We are all a-tremble with the news that the hostess with the mostest, the chef-euse with the flair-euse, the once-in-a-lifetime Halley’s Comet of The Kitchen, will be hosting live online three Cook Alongs this month, to celebrate the return to print of the bestselling A Week in The Kitchen!

Our first Cook Along will be on 8 September 2021 at 18:00.

Karen will be cooking Aubergines with Miso and Sesame, to be served with Egg Fried Rice (recipe below).

Be sure to have all your ingredients ready and by 8 o’clock you’ll have a meal on the table.

Look out for news of two more Cook Alongs with Karen events, on 15 and 22 September.

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