‘Sangomas and cops don’t mix. Usually’ – Find out more about Knucklebone, the new thriller by NR Brodie
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Just because you can see it, doesn’t mean it’s true.

Sangomas and cops don’t mix. Usually. But this is Joburg, a metropolis that is equal parts flash and shadow, and where not everything can be easily explained. Ian Jack, a disillusioned former police officer, teams up with Reshma Patel, a colleague from his old life, to investigate a routine housebreaking gone bad. But when they uncover links to a possible animal poaching and trafficking syndicate, things go from complicated to dangerous to downright evil.

Set against the richly textured backdrop of a livewire African city, this fast-paced thriller offers a disturbing contemporary take on justice and morality. To be read with the lights on.

‘A cracking novel. Brilliant original writing, free of clichés. The pace is insane – in a good way.’
— Sarah Lotz, author of The White Road, Day Four and The Three

NR Brodie is a veteran journalist and bestselling author of five books.

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