Try this Wild Mushroom and Leek Risotto from The Guilt-free Gourmet – indulgent recipes without wheat, dairy or cane sugar
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How does Wild Mushroom and Leek Risotto sound for dinner tonight? Get the free recipe from The Guilt-free Gourmet here!

‘You are what you eat’ seems like such an obvious statement, so why then is it so hard to eat well and satisfy our cravings in a healthy way?

The Guilt-free Gourmet by Jordan and Jessica Bourke is for all those people who are tired of being told to eat more fruit and vegetables and reduce their intake of refined and processed foods, but who are rarely given any recipes or advice on how to put those guidelines into practice in a way that doesn’t compromise on the flavour and enjoyment of our food. It is also for the growing number of people who suffer from intolerances to certain food groups, particularly wheat and dairy.

The Guilt-free Gourmet is not about diet, weight loss or denial; it is simply showing you the various ways you can use alternative ingredients to achieve the same decadent results as the original, but as the strapline indicates, the recipes are without wheat, dairy or cane sugar.

Recipes range from simple sharing plates to more exotic dishes such as Thai curry and fiery Korean noodles to Japanese tempura and Moroccan tagines.

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