Take a look inside Ashleigh Levin’s new cookbook, Home Cooked and Heart Warming
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In Home Cooked and Heart Warming, Ashleigh Levin takes you on an evocative food journey that’s filled with memories, delicious flavours, lots of butter and a wealth of ideas.

The book will inspire even the most jaded of palates.

Take a look inside Home Cooked and Heart Warming:

About the book

Ashleigh Levin knows exactly how to appeal to a younger generation of cooks who want to impress their loved ones and friends with delicious meals that don’t require any formal culinary training. At the same time, more mature cooks will find a wealth of ideas to inspire even the most jaded of palates.

Ashleigh’s own love affair with food started in her grandmother’s kitchen when she was about the same height as the kitchen table. As she says of one occasion, ‘In that second of pancake-fuelled ecstasy, I saw for the very first time the utter perfection of food and its ability to bring people you love together …’

With her conversational writing style, Ashleigh takes you on a journey that’s filled with memories, delicious flavours, lots of butter and the freedom to make your own tweaks, to ensure the recipes work for you, and never forgetting a relaxing glass of wine to accompany it all. The titles of the recipes are evocative, telling you all you need to know or teasing you to try out an intriguing idea, for instance Restorative butternut and ginger soup with chickpea sprinkles, Fall-apart lamb, My mother’s sticky chicken, Dirty ballerina Pavlova and Sunday funday martinis.

To paraphrase Samuel Johnson’s famous description of London, if you become tired of this book, you are tired of life.

Contents: Introduction; Breakfast and brunch delights; Whip ’em up, well in advance; Seriously simple starters; Home comforts; Lovely, lazy lunches are made of this; Colour me fancy; Don’t fall fowl to festive stress; Something on the side?; A bit naughty, but very, very nice; A little tipple; Butters and sauces; Bother-free breads; Sweet baked heaven; Index

About the author

Ashleigh Levin is a home cook with no training other than hosting long, lazy Sunday lunches and dinner parties. She lives in Melrose, Johannesburg with her husband Grant, two children, Sophie and Spencer and their dog George. This is her first cookbook.

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