Now a major TV series! A new edition of Catch Me a Killer by South Africa’s first-ever profiler Micki Pistorius
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Delve into the gripping world of criminal profiling with psychologist Micki Pistorius – the trailblazer who became South Africa’s first-ever profiler.

The Showmax adaptation of Pistorius’s true-crime book Catch Me a Killer will carry the same name and is set to premiere in February 2024.

Releasing alongside a major TV series based on the book, this new edition of Catch Me a Killer includes a new chapter and up-to-date information about some of the cases!

About the book

‘Serial killers experience the power over life and death as omnipotence … When I interrogate a serial killer, I dive into the abyss of his soul.’

From 1994 to 2000, when South Africa was a young democracy, the country was stalked by a succession of brutal serial killers.

Psychologist Micki Pistorius became the first profiler for the South African Police Service, playing a vital role in identifying and interrogating these killers, as well as training detectives nationally and in other countries. She broke ground with her theory on the origin of serial killers and is considered a trailblazer in her field.

Catch Me a Killer details the cases she worked on – from the Station Strangler and the Phoenix Cane Killer to Boetie Boer and the Saloon Killer.

The book also features legendary detectives such as Piet Byleveld and Suiker Britz, as well as the FBI’s Robert Ressler.

This is essential reading for all true crime aficionados.

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