Mongane Wally Serote calls on government to prescribe more South African literature
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Struggle poet and author Mongane Wally Serote was recently awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of Johannesburg, in recognition of his “indomitable contributions to poetry, literature and philosophy”.

The City Press reports:

“My writing is also a service for my country. It is a record of the lives of all South Africans. I have always seen my writing as a mouthpiece, a voice, for the people.”

Now, Serote urges the ministers of higher education and of basic education to prescribe more South African literature – literature representative of the voices of the South African people – in South African schools.

“We are a country with generations of writers in all South African languages,” Serote said.

“It would contribute to a culture of reading in our country because people will take what we have written as a mirror in front of them.”

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