‘I am a South African-based, African writer’—Watch a video interview with Nthikeng Mohlele on his latest novel Illumination
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Nthikeng Mohlele chatted to Africa’s Lit recently about his latest novel, Illumination.

Asked to introduce himself, Mohlele says: ‘I am a South African-based, African writer.’

Asked to give an elevator pitch of his new book, Mohlele says: ‘It’s about sustained consciousness, existential crisis, what makes life what it is? I thought I should write this book because there are people like me who wonder about these things … kindred spirits to whom the book will mean something.’

Mohlele said his protagonist Bantubonke faces ‘triple problems’: ‘He’s an artist, highly gifted. He’s got past traumas as a person resulting from systems of governance. When that meets with the private and personal passions that he has, it’s a cocktail for some unsettling developments in his life.’

Mohlele describes Bantubonke as a ‘fine, fine, fine specimen’. ‘He’s a very cerebral person, he’s a very spiritual person, he’s a very passionate person. He’s an artist, musician, composer, bandleader, trumpeter … but he is also a very astute person when it comes to his feelings and his relationship with the world around him.’

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