Don’t miss the virtual launch of When They Came For Me by John Schlapobersky live from London (13 Jun)
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Author John Schlapobersky and publishers Jonathan Ball Publishers and Berghahn Books invite you to the virtual launch of When They Came For Me: The Hidden Diary of an Apartheid Prisoner.

The event will be filmed and streamed live from the Phoenix Theatre, King Alfred School, London, United Kingdom.

Event details

Date: Sunday 13 June 2021
Time: 3:30–5pm SAST
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You will receive a registration form for completion, giving you access to the zoom event.

Gillian Slovo (author, playwright, formerly President of British PEN) will be in discussion with John Schlapobersky.

Moderators: Hannah Sherbersky and Marian Prinsley (author’s family)

Contributors: Justice Albie Sachs (Formerly Justice, South Africa’s Constitutional Court)

With: Marion Berghahn and Jeremy Boraine (publishers).


‘An exquisitely written memoir about human endurance, survival, repair and transcendence.’ – Justice Albie Sachs

‘An intriguing story of endurance and survival. A reminder of times, and the people who resisted them, that should never be forgotten.’ – Gillian Slovo

‘One of the most vivid, intimate and sustained accounts yet, of the brutality that apartheid’s torturers unleashed – a remarkable book about our inhumanity and the resilience of the human spirit.’ – Jonathan Jansen, Professor, University of Stellenbosch

‘The tale of an ordinary young man swept one day from his life into hell, testimony to the wickedness a political system let loose in its agents and, above all, an intimate account of how a man became a healer.’ – Jonny Steinberg, Professor, African Studies Centre, University of Oxford

‘John has made surviving into … an act of creative protest (and) a means to bear witness for the many who did not survive.’ – Jack Saul, Director, International Trauma Studies Program, New York

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