Cover reveal! Sally Andrew’s new Tannie Maria mystery The Milk Tart Murders will be out in March 2022

Penguin Random House has revealed the gorgeous cover for The Milk Tart Murders – the new Tannie Maria mystery by Sally Andrew!

The fourth instalment in the Tannie Maria crime series is a delicious follow-up to the bestselling Recipes for Love and Murder, Tannie Maria and the Satanic Mechanic and Death on the Limpopo.

The Milk Tart Murders will be published in March 2022.

About the book

Who knew a Marilyn Monroe movie could kill you? When Oom Frik of Oom Frik’s Fantastiques dies during a vintage movie screening in Ladismith, Tannie Maria and her policeman boyfriend Henk are on the scene. Ja, the old thrift-shop owner had a heart condition, but was there more to his demise? It’s rumoured that among Frik’s junk are valuable treasures, and the grumpy, paranoid old guy frequently altered his will. When a second body turns up, there’s a clue: a letter addressed to Tannie Maria asking for advice – and a milk tart recipe. Fifty-plus agony-aunt Maria and feisty young journalist Jessie conduct their own treasure hunt and murder investigation. The police are looking for the perpetrator too, but the amateur detectives have unique skills, and Tannie Maria’s food is a powerful incentive to get people to talk.

Maria and Jessie step into deep danger, but all is not doom and gloom. Spring has arrived in the Karoo, and Henk and Maria discuss moving in together, even though his home is full of his late wife’s stuff. Maria knows food has a way of filling the dark spaces, for better or for worse. Perhaps, once the Klein Karoo crime-buster’s work is done, she might follow her own advice and try a healing recipe.

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