A Tannie Maria cookbook, Recipes to Live For, will be out in May!
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Sally Andrew, creator of the bestselling Tannie Maria series, will publish her first cookbook with Penguin Random House in May 2024!

According to Blake Friedmann Literary Agency, the book, titled Recipes to Die Live For, will feature recipes from Sally Andrew’s first four murder mystery novels, as well as some tantalising new additions.

Recipes to Live For will be a celebration of Tannie Maria’s delectable recipes, and also of ‘her philosophy, of South Africa’s Karoo region and of life itself’.

Andrew says:

‘I am so excited about Recipes to Live For. It is the most beautiful book I have ever seen. The food styling, the design and the photographs are spectacular.’

In Andrew’s four novels, Recipes for Love and Murder, Tannie Maria and the Satanic Mechanic, Death on the Limpopo and The Milk Tart Murders, Tannie Maria fought crime, with a tin of buttermilk rusks in hand, and whetted appetites with her mouth-watering creations, including the famous Venus Cake, Muesli Buttermilk Rusks and even Spekboom Ice Cream.

PRHSA’s Lifestyle Publisher Beverley Dodd says:

‘Spiced with enjoyable sayings from the four novels and seasoned with photographs of the food and the beautiful Karoo, Recipes to Live For is as warm and witty as Tannie Maria herself, guaranteed to delight fans and newcomers to the series.’

According to the press release, the book will showcase more than 80 recipes, including vegetarian and vegan options: ‘Many of the dishes are slow foods and traditional South African recipes, but there are also quick meals and new inventions. Whether you are craving a Karoo lamb pie or a vetkoek with mince, or are lus for a melktert or koeksister, you will find it among Tannie Maria’s gastronomic delights. As Sally sums it up so succinctly: “Enjoy cooking. Enjoy eating. Enjoy life. Why not?”‘

Watch a video of Andrew introducing the book here:

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