A Brief History of South Africa for every home and classroom in South Africa
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A Brief History of South Africa: From the Earliest Times to the Mandela Presidency by John Pampallis and Maryke Bailey.

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‘Any reader who wants to understand the history of the complex problems South Africa faces today should read this book.’ – Bongani Ngqulunga, director of the Johannesburg Institute for Advanced Study and author of The Man Who Founded the ANC

Using both a narrative chronology and thematic chapters, A Brief History of South Africa encourages critical thinking about how history has shaped South Africa. While presenting an account of colonisation and the policies of successive governments, the book portrays the resistance to colonisation, segregation and apartheid, including the role of political, social and trade union movements.

The book can also act as a study guide for both formal and non-formal adult education. Equally important, A Brief History of South Africa will strengthen history teaching in schools.

John Pampallis has taught in South Africa, Botswana, Canada and Tanzania, including eight years at the Solomon Mahlangu Freedom College in Tanzania, a school for young South African exiles. He wrote Foundations of the New South Africa, and was series editor of They Fought for Freedom, a series of biographies of Southern African political leaders.

Maryke Bailey is a history teacher with experience in providing teacher training and professional development, and in developing history teaching resources. She contributes to public debates on education policy, providing analyses of South Africa’s education system from a teacher’s point of view.

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