Domina, the follow-up to the worldwide #1 bestseller Maestra – out now!

Everything you thought you knew about Maestra … you don’t.

Judith Rashleigh returns in Domina, the stunning new thriller from the author of the worldwide # 1 bestseller, Maestra.

She thought her troubles were over … they’re only just getting started.

Judith Rashleigh has made it. Living a life of luxury amidst the splendour of Venice, she’s just starting to grow comfortable. Which is when her past catches up with her.

Someone knows what Judith’s done. Facing blackmail, Judith can only save herself by finding a priceless picture – unfortunately one she’s convinced doesn’t exist.

And she isn’t the only one seeking it.

This time, Judith isn’t in control. Outflanked and out-thought, outrun and outgunned, she faces an enemy more powerful and more ruthless than she ever imagined. And if she doesn’t win, she dies.

About the author

LS Hilton grew up in England and has lived in Key West, New York City, Paris and Milan. After graduating from Oxford, she studied art history in Paris and Florence. She has worked as a journalist, art critic and broadcaster, and is presently based in London.

Categories Fiction International

Tags Domina Jonathan Ball Publishers LS Hilton

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