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What has Changed in the Baobab World? – A RoomtoGrow Kirstenbosch Wednesday Talk by Rupert Watson (8 May)

Find out more about the incredible baobab tree at this RoomtoGrow Kirstenbosch Wednesday Talk with expert Rupert Watson.

Don’t miss the launch of Hiking the Fish – the ultimate guide to the Fish River Canyon Trail – in Betty’s Bay (11 May)

Join Struik Nature at the Harold Porter Book & Craft Shop in Betty’s Bay for the launch of Hiking The Fish!

Explore the enchanting world of elusive Fynbos creatures with Field Guide to Fynbos Fauna

Cliff and Suretha Dorse, dedicated conservation biologists, share their two-decade exploration of the Fynbos Biome in their book, Field Guide to Fynbos Fauna.

Don’t miss the launch of Ericas of the Fynbos at the Harold Porter National Botanical Garden (24 Feb)

Join authors John Manning and Nick Helme at the beautiful Harold Porter Botanical Garden as they give a visual presentation on their new field guide, Ericas of the Fynbos.

Join Karen Paolillo on World Hippo Day for the online launch of Hippos, a Mongoose and Me (with Downton Abbey’s Peter Egan!) (15 Feb)

Join author Karen Paolillo and multi-award-winning actor and animal advocate Peter Egan on World Hippo Day for the online launch of Hippos, a Mongoose and Me.

Don’t miss the launch of Sky Guide Southern Africa – the most trusted guide to the southern skies – in Cape Town (15 Nov)

Hear about celestial happenings and forecasts for 2024 at the launch of the astronomical handbook Sky Guide Southern Africa!

An arachnophile’s journey: A career spinning webs of spider expertise

Ansie Dippenaar-Schoeman, author of Field Guide to Spiders of South Africa, is one of the foremost experts on African spiders.

Don’t miss the launch of Hiking Beyond Cape Town at the Harold Porter Botanical Gardens in Betty’s Bay (5 Aug)

Join authors Nina du Plessis and Willie Olivier at the launch of their new book Hiking Beyond Cape Town!

‘Can it kill me?’ Scorpions of South Africa: What to look out for!

It’s probably an understatement to say that scorpions are not everyone’s favourite animals. After all, they sting, and some species are dangerous enough to kill humans. But for Dr Ian Engelbrecht, leading expert on southern African scorpions, these creatures are simply fascinating.

‘Discover South Africa on Foot’ – Don’t miss this Kirstenbosch Wednesday Talk with Willie Olivier (1 Mar)

Struik Nature, roomtogrow and SANBI invite you to a Kirstenbosch Wednesday Talk, presented by Willie Olivier.

Don’t miss the online book launch of Geological Highlights of East African National Parks by by Dr Roger Scoon (2 Nov)

Join Penguin Random House for an online book launch and visual presentation by Dr Roger Scoon, with an introduction by Dr Richard Viljoen.

‘From modest beginnings, our work has taken us to the four corners of the earth’

Chris and Mathilde Stuart are renowned for their work in wildlife research. Having spent the past 40 years travelling the globe, they’ve captured their findings in a host of beautiful and bestselling nature guides. In their own words, the couple shares with us some of the highlights from their journey.

A story of survival – Richard Peirce investigates the sudden disappearance of great white sharks from Gansbaai in his book Orca

Its flourish of great whites is Gansbaai’s claim to fame, and a large part of its success, so when its shiver of sharks started to disappear, the small Western Cape town faced a conundrum. Shark conservationist and author of Orca, Richard Peirce, investigated the sudden retreat.

Don’t miss a free webinar on Palaces of Stone: Uncovering Ancient Southern African Kingdoms, presented by Prof. Tom Huffman (21 Jul)

Join Struik Nature for a RoomToGrow Kirstenbosch online talk with Professor Tim Huffman on Palaces of Stone: Uncovering Ancient Southern African Kingdoms.

[Panel discussion] Pangolins Are People Too – Stories from humans living with anteaters (13 May)

Pangolins rescued from traffickers come in all shapes, sizes and states of health.

Kirstenbosch Wednesday Talk: Encounters with Cape Clawless Otters with Matthew Syphus (10 Feb)

Matthew and Mary Ann Syphus have been observing Cape Clawless Otters on the Cape Peninsula coastline for the past 18 years and have kept meticulous records of each encounter.

An exposé of the pangolin trade and Covid-19 – Pangolins: Scales of Injustice by Richard Peirce

Pangolins: Scales of Injustice by Richard Peirce will be launched on World Pangolin Day on 20 February 2021.

Virtual event invitation: Talking wild dogs – the scientists’ perspective (10 Dec)

Wild Dogs are commanding the spotlight when it comes to passion, curiosity, intrigue and research.

Cradling life – the wonders of the Cradle-Magaliesberg environs – don’t miss this virtual panel discussion (1 Dec)

The Magaliesberg Biosphere Reserve and Cradle of Humankind comprise an utterly unique region.

Join Struik Nature for a RoomToGrow Kirstenbosch talk: Preserving the last of the Renosterveld

The Overberg’s Renosterveld is in deep trouble: with just 5 per cent remaining, this incredible biodiversity hotspot requires urgent attention and conservation action.